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Did you know that the cost of your prescription can vary significantly from one pharmacy to another? I use an app called GoodRx to compare prices. The app not only shows the prices at several nearby pharmacies but also offers discounts on many drugs. For instance, I have one drug that I take occasionally. Using the app, I found prices ranging from $16.86 to $30, with the pharmacy nearest to my home charging a staggering $482.57. Most of these prices were lower than those offered by my health carrier. The GoodRx app is free, and you can even pay for a gold subscription for better pricing.

Another great option is CostPlusDrugs, a company started by Mark Cuban. They offer lower costs by cutting out the middleman, ordering directly from manufacturers, and sending medications directly to you.

For additional help, RxHelpCenters is an advocacy company that assists in negotiating better prices for your medications.

Many people also check their prescriptions with online Canadian pharmacies, which can offer lower prices.

Lastly, if you have an expensive drug, be sure to check the manufacturer’s website for coupons or discounts.

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